It's Official: We LOVE Toca Band!

Post date: Oct 07, 2015 6:27:46 PM

If your children come home asking to download Toca Band, it has my full recommendation!

Toca Band provides students with a virtual stage, and a whole host of musicians. Each character has its own song which can be made more simple or complex based on their location on the stage. By placing multiple musicians on stage at the same time, students can mix and combine sounds to create music. There is even a special spot on stage where a musician can be featured and played live by the student! Who would have thought that first grade students would be creating and mixing music in October?!

First, second, and third grade students have had time to explore a free iPad app called Toca Band over the past week, and we love it! Toca Band was created by a company called Toca Boca, which has a suite of apps designed for the exploration and play of young children.