Classroom Tour

LeRoy Elementary School is blessed with a music room that allows our students to explore a variety of musical topics

and find ways to express themselves using music. Below you will find pictures and short descriptions of some of the things

that you might hear our students talking about!

This is the front of our classroom, where a lot of our learning takes place. When singing, words and music are projected on the Smart Board while Mr. Scott plays the piano.

We participate in a lot of interactive rhythm and composition lessons using the Smart Board. The projector also allows us to experience music and culture from cultures and areas of the world that differ from our own.

Our iPads are also used in the 6th grade Exploratory period to design videogames. We use an apps like Pixelpress Floors and Bloxels to create and play game levels.





The Most Addicting Sheep Game

Toca Band

We use the iPad to explore new instruments and sounds, to compose, and to learn the foundations of reading musical notation. Below is a list of some of our favorite music iPad Apps:

Our classroom iPads allow us to experience music in many ways. We have 18 iPads which is enough for each student to use their own in most classes.

We use our tubanos regularly in drum circles, drum ensembles, and when learning and composing rhythms.

These drums are called tubano drums. Tubanos are modeled after the sound of African drums like congas and djembes. Tubanos are designed to be easy for young students to play because of their shape. The raised feet on the bottom of the drums mean that students do not have to tip the drum while playing.

As the sixth graders progress, they are introduced to electric guitar, ukulele, and bass guitar.

In sixth grade, students take what they know from fifth grade and put it to work. Students work independently and as a group from our textbook to increase their knowledge and skills with new notes and chords.

Students start guitar in the Winter of fifth grade. In fifth grade we focus on the foundational techniques of acoustic guitar playing. We learn several simplified chords, compose our first song, and begin to pick single notes on the first string.

These are our acoustic guitars. These guitars were purchased through the generous donations of numerous families in our district in the Spring of 2013. Twenty-two families donated the entire cost of a guitar and textbook. These families are identified as our "Guitar Heroes" on a plaque that hangs outside the music room door.

Sixth grade students study guitar as part of their guitar units. The JamHub in the center of the table allows students to listen to each other, work in groups, and provide peer feedback.

Our electric guitar station is home to four electric guitars. Two of these guitars were donated to our classroom. Two Fender electric guitars were purchased through our Fall pie fundraiser.

Fourth grade students start playing the chimes in August in preparation for the holiday season. Fourth graders have even been known to play songs in minor keys in the hallways around Halloween.

Third grade students use chimes in the Spring to begin learning the foundations of successful playing, and to apply their new skills in reading pitch notation on the staff.

Our classroom uses Malmark and Suzuki tone chimes, primarily in third and fourth grade. The sound of Christmas songs on the chimes has become a warm tradition in our school and community.

The back of the room is also home to our Ukuleles, which were purchased with proceeds from our Fall pie sale.

Mrs. Wells is the primary band teacher, with part time help from Mr. Scott

The back of our classroom provides sixth grade students a place to store their instrument during the school day. Students at LES begin band in September of sixth grade. Band is an optional activity at LES and takes place from 2:30-3:08, the last period of the day.