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Audition Information

* Auditions are now completed. Contact Mr. Scott with questions.

Auditions for Mulan, JR will take place October 26 - November 2nd. Students may audition during Parent-Teacher Conferences or before/after school. A sign up sheet for before and after school signups is posted outside of the LES Music room. There is no sign up sheet for auditions during conferences -- come any time!

Three audition documents were sent home, and are also attached to this page.

Audition Songs
Students auditioning for larger characters will be asked to read lines and songs. Students can prepare the song in advance, if desired.

Mulan: Reflection
Yao, Ling, Qian-Po: I'll Make a Man/Lesson No. 1
Ensemble/Army: Any song from above

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be in a sport and do the musical?
Yes! Students are in sports and the musical every year! Be sure to turn in your practice/game schedules to Mr. Scott ASAP when you receive them! If schedules are turned in early, musical rehearsals can be schedule around them!

Where do rehearsals take place?
November and December rehearsals will be in the LES music room. In January, we will begin rehearsing on the stage at the high school. Students can ride the bus from LES to LHS at dismissal.

What time are rehearsals?
November and December rehearsals will be 3:08-4:30. January rehearsals will be extended leading up to opening night.

Are students "cut" from the musical?
No. If you audition, we will find a spot for you in our show.

Can I help backstage?
Of course! We need a small group of hard-working students to help in our crew. This is not an easy job! You will need to return the Audition Form with the backstage box checked, and all parent information and signatures completed.

What will I have to do for my audition?
The answer depends on what you are auditioning for! Students auditioning for Ensemble/Group roles will be asked to sing a little, possibly read some lines, and talk about their character preferences. Students auditioning for larger roles will be asked to sing specific songs (see above) and read character lines.

When will I know what part I got?
Mr. Scott will work on the cast list after everyone has auditioned. The sooner you get your audition done, the sooner you will know! This is a hard job, as many students will be disappointed at first. Trust Mr. Scott, and know that you'll have a great time no matter how big or small of a role you play! It takes the whole cast to tell our story.

Costumes, T-Shirts, Concession, Tickets, Flowers ... etc.?
Whoa, take it easy. That comes later :)
Andrew Scott,
Oct 25, 2016, 2:13 PM
Andrew Scott,
Oct 25, 2016, 2:13 PM
Andrew Scott,
Oct 25, 2016, 2:13 PM