Please read this post before clicking to see the cast list!


Wow. Creating the cast list for this show was such a difficult task! We are so lucky to have such a large and talented group this year! Creating a cast list continues to be one of the hardest (and least enjoyable!) parts of my job, but it is an unavoidable part of every production! Casting decisions are made for a variety of reasons - voice, personality, stage presence, experience, chemistry with other characters, and many other factors.

Students -- please know that you did a great job, and trust that you will have a great time in our show no matter how big or small your role might be! We aren't just telling the story of Alex, Marty, Gloria, and Melman -- we are creating the entire world that they live in! It will take all of us to put on a great show for our audience.

 All students who auditioned should find their name on the cast list below. Many students will find their name in multiple locations due to different roles at the beginning and end of the show. If your name is not here, don't panic! We will fix any typos, omissions, or mistakes on Monday, though I hope they are few and far between.

Looking forward to a great show! A December rehearsal calendar will be distributed next week prior to Thanksgiving break. All musical documents will also be posted on the LES Music Madagascar page, where you found this cast list. Be sure to bookmark or save the link!

(Last names removed from website list. See email for full name version)