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Here is the long-awaited costume email! Mrs. Bataoel and I did the majority of our costume and set shopping today, and I have a much better idea what will be provided from our budget, and what I will need families to provide. Below you will find a summary of each costume. This will be broken into items that I have purchased, items that we will make together, and items that families will need to provide. I have tried to keep the provided items as simple as possible. Hopefully these are things that you already have at home, or can purchase inexpensively. We will work on many costume items in rehearsal, and other projects may be sent home with students as homework to finish.

As always, please contact me with any questions! Costuming can be stressful, but we will work together to get it done!

Mr. Scott

  • Provided: Facepaint, ears, capes
  • Create in Rehearsal: Paint patterns on capes
  • Students Bring: Brown/Black clothing pieces, neutral shoes
  • Collage of sample items

  • Provided: Facepaint, Shirt, Ears, Mohawk
  • Create in Rehearsal: Paint Shirt, attach mohawks and ears
  • Students Bring: black pants, black shoes
  • Collage of sample items

  • Provided: Facepaint, grass & jungle costumes
  • Create in Rehearsal: animal masks/ears, jungle shirts & costumes, grasslands chant hats
  • Students Bring: Black top, bottom, shoes. We will accent with animal masks & other items for each scene
  • Collage of sample items

  • Provided: none
  • Create in Rehearsal: none
  • Students Bring: Plain black top, bottom, shoes. The goal is to not be seen! Items with logos (Under Armour, Nike, etc. can sometimes be turned inside out or taped over. Logos glow in the stage lights!)
  • Collage of sample items

Simba, Mufasa, Scar:
  • Provided: Facepaint, shirt, masks, headcrowns (Nala/Sarabi)
  • Create in Rehearsal: paint shirts, make masks
  • Students Bring: Khaki/brown pants (shorts okay for young simba), neutral shoes
  • Other items & props will be made to distinguish personalities, and young/adult Simba
  • Collage of sample items

Timon, Pumbaa:
  •  Pumbaa costumes in progress
  • Will email separately about Timon costume
  • Facepaint as needed

  • Provided: Facepaint, burlap, beads, cheetah headband, gloves
  • Create in Rehearsal: bead neckalces, other texture items
  • Students Bring: Shorts under costume, red or blue shirt (turtle neck ideally, can be big) walking stick, brown/black shoes

  • Provided: Facepaint, hat, wings/features
  • Create in Rehearsal: hat, wings
  • Students Bring: White shorts (athletic shorts?), white shirt, tall white socks, black shoes (we may cover with orange felt for feet)
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