Lion King, JR. Cast List

Lion King, JR. Cast List

For roles that are double cast, the order of names was picked alphabetically. We will work in rehearsal to determine who is Cast A and who is Cast B based on personalities and chemistry on stage. This will be communicated early so that you can inform family which performances your child will be in.

Lead Characters:

Rafiki – Kyler F.

Simba – Thomas T.

Nala – Katie G. & Macy G.

Mufasa – Alex S.

Scar – Catherine L. & Aiden R.

Large Characters:

Zazu – Jayda N. & Callie W.

Timon – Walker B. & Lucy T.

Pumbaa – Jacob O. Matt W.

Smaller Characters:

Sarabi – Kailey H. & Lily M.

Sarafina – Madison H. & Katie O.

Banzai – Taylor K. & Nick P.

Shenzi – Bree C. & Abby W.

Ed – Joe C. & Nash S.


Amelia C. Carlee C.  Paige C. 
Gracie S.  Mallory T.  Brooke C. 
Rachel D. Jillian M. Kelsey N.
Mara W. Kaitlyn B. Jadyn W. 
      Katie T.   


Logan A. Gavin M.   Tyler B.
Tyler C. Nena P. Jack E. 
Henry D. Mason I.  Ian J. 
Tommy S.  Luke G.  Tanner H. 
Kira L.  Rylee S.  Delaney D. 


 Garret H. Tysen S.  Kyle C.  Sydney O. 
Mark L.  Darcy B.  Abby T.  Shelby B. 
Greg T.  Luke S.  Ricky R.  Mea K. 
Jada R.  Lily B.  Logan S.  Cyclas M. 

Everyone who turned in a form and/or auditioned should have a role in the show.

If your name was missed, don't panic! We will fix it on Monday!

Looking forward to an amazing show!